General Consultation

Our facility offers a variety of products, supplements, and knowledge/education to assist you in understanding your creators approach to your health and wellness.  You will be given common sense information to help you meet your responsibility in a natural approach and not be ignorant about the negative effect of aluminum, artificial sweeteners, fluoride, dehydration and much, much more.

Claiborne R. Holtzman, ND, CNHP is a native of Warren County receiving his formal education in NC, NY, ILL, IN, TX, and China.  Claiborne has a BS degree in Social/Psychology.  Is a Certified Natural Health Professional, Naturopathic Doctor & a Minister of Natural Health.  His expertise are valued and sought out by Allopathic Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacist and any one desiring to understand "The Original Health Care" program.  Claiborne has also studied Chinese Medicine.

Due to health issues that were not able to be addressed successfully by the medical community, Dr. Holtzman through prayer and fasting was given enlightenment and searched and found Gold's Health Plan "The Natural Approach."  Realizing we are products of the earth, it was clear we needed to be educated on our Creator's Health Program that began in the book of Genesis.  Through this concept we are able to understand the need to put back into our bodies the minerals & nourishment needed to replenish what in missing or used up as we live and breath on a daily basis.

His education proved to him God's answers of prevention, should be our primary health care plan and man's medical approach should cater to emergency and trauma victims.

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