In 1992 Claiborne Holtzman and I met when I was in Rocky Mount, NC at Joyce’s Herb Shop doing personal consultations with Iridology. Iridology is the science of looking into the iris of the eye to see the body’s strengths and weaknesses. During this consultation I was able to share with him and his wife, Jennifer some of the health concerns that they had been dealing with. To their amazement, the revelation was very accurate. After the initial shock, Claiborne was very interest in learning this age old technique. He became my student and after many months of learning he became very proficient. I became his Mentor, but most of all we became very good friends. It has been 25 years of a day to day¬†extremely close relationship consisting of many classes, meetings seminars plus good old boy meals.
Claiborne has become the master in as much as he owns one of the finest health food stores in the nation and has become a Naturopathic Doctor. All in all, simply amazing.
Dick Williams