We are entering a pioneering age in our medical and health history wherein prevention, patient self-care and self-responsibility are being encouraged. Enlightened practitioners are responding to a very profound need, long overlooked by the orthodox medical establishment. Zealous effort toward promoting alternative healthcare practices have brought to fight several ancient healing arts which have been gaining popularity in recent years with the advent of new scientific research and development. Principle among these is the Art/Science of Iridology.


Historical Background

Archeological records depicting the iris in relation to the body have been found in Asia Minor and the Far East. The writings of Hippocrates make reference to changes in and around the eye as pertains to disease. The Discoverer of Iridology in its present form was a Hungarian physician, Dr. Ignatz von Peczely (1822-1911). On the basis of many years of comparative study and the observation of patterns of Iris changes, he developed an Iris map in which every organ had its proper place. This “map” has been altered and updated through the years by many prominent physicians and Iris researchers. Noted among these are: H. E. lahn, M.D. of Austria who introduced Iridology to the United States; Collins Kritzer, Lindlahr and Jensen in the U.S.A., Felke, Medhaus, Flink, Schnabel, Angerer and Deck in Europe.