General Consultation

One on one consultation to discuss your weaknesses and recommendations on how to strengthen your body's constitution

Contract Post Office

Postal products and services to the public at U.S. Postal Service prices


Wide range of products to support your needs

Iris Analysis

Using the iris of the eye to note the strengths and weaknesses within the body's constitution.

ZYTO compass

The ZYTO Compass is the original and trusted wellness scanner used by thousands of health minded individuals

Therapeutic Hypnosis

Uses guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Simply stated, an authority on nutrition and the science of balancing body chemistry through hair tissue mineral analysis

Bio Tracker

Do you feel like 50 going on 25 or 25 going on 50? Find out your metabolic age with the Bio Tracker

Ready to Save Money?

Quality products at best prices with opportunities to generate an income working from home.

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