Hello Claiborne and wifey!

I absolutely love Remedy’s smoothies.  Excellent source of protein and healthy meal replacement.  With the hot upcoming summer days approaching, eat lighter and healthier with a Remedy smoothie!  They have several yummy flavors and you can customize to your taste.  My favorite is Raspberry adding a scoop of protein and mocha, which provides additional natural energy, protein and mental alertness!

Usually around noon, sitting at a desk all morning staring at a computer screen. my energy level decreases.  After I have my smoothie, I get a burst of natural energy and an all over feel good feeling that lasts throughout the day!

You don’t wait in LONG lunch lines – the environment is healthy and friendly – not to mention much better for the waistline!

I encourage you to a healthier lunch by getting your Remedy Smoothie today and tell them Tammy sent you!