What is Therapeutic Hypnosis

Therapeutic Hypnosis is used to help a person to gain more control over undesired emotions, behavior and negative feelings. There are many examples such as feeling sad, angry, or lonely, worried or stressed and other unexplained  negative feelings which could cause one to over eat, smoke or drink excessively or other undesired outcomes due to emotional situations that can be helped through Hypnosis. Hypnosis  is completely safe and helpful but it is not a medical treatment. Contrary to how Hypnosis is sometimes viewed, you do not lose control over yourself under Hypnosis. Hypnosis only allows you to relax and open your mind to suggestions. A typical Hypnosis session lasts about one hour.
Hypnosis has been known to help with weight loss, smoking cessation, stress reduction, habit control, academic motivation, public speaking, pain control, and more.

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